Strawberry Nails

Hey there and welcome to my first post =)

The first thing I’d like to say is: My nails are short. Quite short. This is because ever since I can remember I have bitten them. I recently decided to put a stop to my biting and got really into nail art, and so now they have a chance to grow a little longer, but it also means that all the nail art I do is for short nails.

When I first started painting my nails I looked around for some designs for short nails, but I was looking at the results on google with frustration, because my nails were just too darn short to do some designs. So I decided I’d post some of my designs online, as I do them, for other shorties like me. =)

The blog will generally have the same layout, which is a picture of my nails, coupled with a step-be-step explanation of how I did them. Unfortunately, as of now I only have a cell phone to take pictures with =( I am planning on remedying this shortly after christmas.

On to the nails!

So these are my strawberry nails. I’m sorry for the bad quality.

Firstly I put on a base coat, and then I painted my nails entirely red and waited for them to dry.

Then I painted the very tip of each nail with a green line, like a very thin green french manicure. I was using a green that came with a long, thin nail art brush, but a thin paintbrush will do the same job.

Next, I outlined the little triangles going downward onto my nails, and then filled them in. While waiting for the green to dry I put the little yellow seeds. It may have been smarter to use the end of a toothpick, or a dotting tools for the seeds, but as the yellow also had a nail art brush I just dotted it on with that. And so, the seeds came out a little messy looking. If I did this again I’d probably use a toothpick instead.

Then, once all that was dry, I put on a topcoat, and voila! A cute, cheerful design great for short nails. I feel like this is great for summer or spring, and since we’re heading into summer here in the southern hemisphere is suits me perfectly.

Plans for the future:

Next, it would have been my and my ex’s 2 year on the 20th (21st for Americans) so Tonight or tommorrow I’ll be making nice pretty nails to go with a black dress (we decided we’re going out to dinner anyway). I haven’t decided exactly what they’ll be yet, but I’m thinking gradient or maybe stamping.  When China Glaze ‘Glistening Snow’ comes out on (where I get all my polishes) I’m gonna buy that and I’m not lion, maybe a new base coat too, so I’ll be sure to show you guys that. If you have any request for me to do something for short nails (Eg. I need something to go with a pink dress for a dinner, I want christmassy nails, can you do a short nails variant of this design, etc etc) then you need only request using the comment box below, and if I can I’ll make it happen =)

Lastly, I wanna shout out to RedditLaqueristas who always have awesome designs and are well worth checking out =)


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